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Suri breeders, growers and sellers of products who apply to use the mark are expected to adhere to a set of four cornerstones in their fiber programs:

  • Suri Breed—Protect the viability and vigor of the Suri alpaca herd by breeding Suri alpaca males with Suri alpaca females, in line with the current published breed standard.
  • Suri Animals— Manage breeding programs using available quantitative tools and responsible animal husbandry to produce lustrous, uniform fiber.
  • Fiber Harvest—Harvest, sort, and grade Suri fiber using best practices described in the SURI FIBER HARVESTING CODE OF PRACTICE to maximize yield and commercial use ;
  • Fiber Use—Promote the inherent qualities of Suri by pursuing the production of consistent high-quality products that best represent Suri fiber.

 In return, sellers benefit in several ways:

  • You can sell your fleece to wholesale buyers, fiber artists, and others who are interested in using the mark in their products.
  • You can use the mark as one more tool in your toolbox to market your Suri animals, fleece, and/or products as premium.
  • You have the support of the Suri Network as it builds out the brand through advertising and marketing.
  • You will have your farm listed on the Suri Network website as a Suri Simply Stunning member.
  • We encourage anyone who breeds Suris or sells products using Suri fleece to apply today!
Download the Suri Simply Stunning Brochure!

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