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2016 Suri Network Election Results

Members of the Board of Trustees

This year we had eight candidates for the Board of Trustees. Three vacancies were created due to terms ending for Jill McElderry-Maxwell, Randy Coleman, and Patty Hasselbring.

To fill those three terms, the three candidates with the highest number of votes were:

  • Kristie Smoker
  • Jill McElderry-Maxwell
  • Sue King

These three individuals are now elected for two-year terms ending in 2018.

In addition, Alvina Maynard and Andrew Reed are resigning from the board. The Board has approved appointment of the two candidates with the next highest number of votes to fill the final year of those positions, which end in 2017, are:

  • Michael Alpert
  • Deb Christner

Congratulations to all incoming members of the Suri Network Board of Trustees, and a special thank you to all who agreed to run for a position on the Board.

New Board of Trustees members will be officially installed at the Suri Network Annual Meeting August 6, 2016, at the Suri Symposium in Loveland, Colorado.

By-Laws Changes

Other ballot issues included changes to the bylaws.  They are summarized here along with the result of the vote for each proposed amendment.

A.     Electronic notice, balloting, and voting– Passed

B.     Number of members of Board of Trustees – Changing the number of Trustees from “five” to “a minimum of five and maximum of nine members” and, in 2017, increasing the number of Trustees from five to seven members – Passed

C.     Trustees Terms and Vacancies – Increasing the term length for Trustees from two years to three years, effective with Trustees elected in 2017 – Passed

D.     Past President on Board of Trustees as Non-Voting Member – Allowing the Past President of the Board of Trustees to remain on the Board as a non-voting member, if requested by the incoming President and if the outgoing President’s term is up on the Board of Trustees – Passed

E.     Notice of Bylaws Changes – Reducing the number of days notice to members to amend the bylaws from 60 days to 30 days – Failed

F.     Self Nominations – Specifically allow self-nominations with support of three Full Members – Passed

G.    Clean up and Formatting – General formatting changes through creation of subheadings and the clarification concerning the Board of Trustees determining benefits for Associate Members – Passed

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