Pre-Symposium Workshops & Volunteering

Fleece Room Volunteering Opportunities - Tues, Wed, Thursday.

When you register, there is a comment box where you can volunteer to work in the fleece room.  We will need help from 8am-5pm Tuesday August 6th through Thursday August 8th.

Workshop #1 Skirting for Show - Thursday, Aug. 8 2019, 2-5 pm

Wini Labrecque will discuss which fleece attributes are judged and why and skirt two fleeces.  Thursday, August 8, 2019, Class fee $65, Pre-Registration required.

Workshop #2 Dyeing for Suri! Thursday, Aug. 8 2019, 1-4 pm

Explore hand painting, natural Bengala and Indigo dyeing of Suri fiber with Dan Corley of Alta Vida Ranch.  Class fee $45 + $20 materials fee payable directly to Dan during class.  Materials fee includes skein of suri yarn and dye materials. Participants may bring an additional skein of their own if they would like to experiment.  1-4pm Thursday Aug. 8, 2019.  Pre-Registration required.

Participants may choose to use their dyed skein in the “Suriusly Wonderful World of Weaving” on Friday or Saturday.  This will be an introduction to weaving: pros, cons, definitions and techniques with exposure to rigid heddle, Saori, multi shaft and more.

Register here for the 2019 Summer Symposium!


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