Volunteering in the Fleece Room

Fleece Room Clinic Opportunities Available 

Tuesday Aug. 6 - Wednesday, Aug 7 - Thursday, Aug 8, 2018

All Suri Fleece Show Volunteer Opportunities – please read carefully!

Volunteering at the Fleece Show is a privilege and an excellent opportunity to learn about the fleece judging process as well as how a Level III fleece show runs.  This is a full immersion fleece show experience at the largest suri fleece show in the world!  Our Show Superintendent is committed to make sure that all volunteers get to see and experience as much suri education as possible. 

The SN is offering volunteer opportunities during the 2019 All Suri Fleece Show, which runs BEFORE the Symposium.  Volunteers are needed on TUESDAY Aug. 6, WEDNESDAY, Aug. 7 and THURSDAY Aug 8.   Volunteers are asked to arrive to start working at 8am each day.

There are many tasks that need to be done quickly and accurately to keep the judging process running smoothly.   On Tuesday, the critical task is fleece check-in which ensures all fleeces are weighed, color checked and the room is set-up and organized for the start of judging. Judging occurs on Wednesday and Thursday, and volunteer tasks include pulling fleeces for classes, laying fleeces out, re-noodling fleeces, getting them back to their correct location, and all the while, you will get to see and hear the judging of the fleeces. There may be other tasks requested by the Show Superintendent, including clerical help, help with setting up the Spin-Off entries and/or the Fiber Arts & Skeins competition.   

Fleece Show judging will be completed on Thursday, so we can announce the Fleece Show results at lunch on Friday and allow more time for fleeces and results to be viewed during the Symposium. This also gives our senior judges time DURING the Symposium to run fleece evaluation workshops which are informative and always well attended.

We hope to give as many people as possible the opportunity to learn in the fleece room during the largest national Suri Fleece show in the nation (and possibly the world)!  We will look for a combination of volunteers who are new to fleece room volunteering, as well as those who have done it before.  Please let us know what day(s) you can volunteer.  We will confirm your day(s) so that you can make travel arrangements.  We hope everyone who is interested in volunteering will be able to participate in this educational event and we will do our best to involve as many volunteers as we can. If we have a large number of requests, we will give priority to Symposium attendees.


  • You will have opportunity to work with judging of Regular and/or Cottage fleeces, and possibly assist with the Spin-Off and Fiber Arts displays.
  • You may be asked to perform other tasks in the fleece room as requested by the Show Superintendent, which may include assisting other volunteers, data entry, checking scorecard calculations, or other clerical tasks.
  • Volunteers are expected to exhibit the utmost in professionalism and confidentiality during the judging process.  Ideally volunteers would not assist a judge in judging their own fleece; however, this may be unavoidable and volunteers should not comment or acknowledge a fleece that might be their own. Questions or issues arising during the fleece show should be directed to the Show Superintendent.
  • Volunteers should expect to cover their own expenses during the fleece show, including transportation, lodging and meals. 

To volunteer, please contact Cindy Grigg at office@surinetwork.org or (970) 586-5876


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