Fleece Judges

Amanda VandenBosch

Sr. Judge & Judge Trainer All Certifications

Amanda VandenBosch is a Senior AOA Halter and Fleece Judge and an Alpaca Judge Trainer and Instructor in the United States. Amanda qualified as an International Alpaca Judge trained in Peru at the International Alpaca Judging School (IAJS ) in 2000. She has judged shows in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Peru gaining an international perspective and true love for the art and science of alpaca judging.

Amanda is also a co-author of the book “The Art & Science of Alpaca Judging” published by AOBA and used as a training tool.

Cheryl Gehly 

Sr. Judge & Judge Trainer Fleece                    

Cheryl Gehly became an AOA Certified Fleece Judge in 2002. 

Cheryl has shared her knowledge with judges 

and apprentices as an AOA Certified Instructor

at JTCC sponsored Judge Training Clinics, as well as by being a Senior AOA Fleece Judge and an AOA Certified Fleece Judge Trainer. Cheryl has volunteered with AOA as a member and chairperson of the Judge Training and Certification Committee and the AOA Judge Advisory Committee. She is also the fleece judge liaison to the Show Rules Committee. Cheryl teaches at breeder seminars around the country as well as judging multiple AOA Certified Fleece Shows annually. Cheryl serves as the Lead Classifier for the Suri Network’s Suri Herd Improvement Program (SHIP).

Spin-Off Judge

Gabrielle Menn

Accredited Spin-Off Judge

In 1996, Gabrielle came home one day with a spinning wheel and told her mother, “I want to get 4 sheep: a black one, a white one, a brown one, and a gray one.” Her mother enthusiastically responded, “No, no, no! You want to get alpacas!” “Al-a-what?” Within a few months, Gabrielle was bottle raising her first lamb and her mother bought her first alpacas. After raising a menagerie of fiber-producing animals over the years, Gabrielle settled her focus on breeding naturally colored merinos and French Angora rabbits. Her mother, Cheryl Woods of Fanfare Farms, continued with alpacas.

Raising the animals and spinning a variety of fibers has given Gabrielle a unique perspective on what is desirable in a fleece and which yarns are best suited for specific end uses. This knowledge and experience has resulted in her earning top awards in both local and national fiber arts competitions, as a sought-after instructor, and alpaca Spin-Off Judge. Spin, weave, knit, crochet, felt, dye – she does it all.

Gabrielle has served on the Board of Directors of the Northern California Angora Guild and for the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club. She is also a past-President of the Lambtown USA Festival. In 2007, she attended the Camelid Fiber Sorting and Grading Certification course, and completed the Camelid Fiber Classer Course in 2011 through Olds College in Alberta, Canada. She owned and operated FiberWise Mill doing custom fiber processing, and now focuses her time on raising her two daughters and caring for her autistic son.

Fiber Arts & Skeins Judge

Wini Labrecque

Certified Fleece Judge

Certified Camelid Fiber Sorter/Grader/Classer

Please see Wini's bio in our Speakers section. 


EJude Anderson

Sr. Judge & Judge Trainer All Certifications

Jude Anderson, along with her husband, Alan  Cousill,has been breeding alpacas since 1991, in both Australia and the US.  Currently they own and breed alpacas in the US, a herd of quality suris and huacayas at Purcara International, a beautiful 105 acre farm in McMinnville,


In 1994 Jude left school teaching to concentrate fully on the breeding and animal care of alpacas at Pucara Alpaca Stud in Australia.

An AAA judge since 1998, Jude gained AOA certification in 2002 and senior judge and judge trainer/instructor status in 2005. She also certified at the IAJS judging school in Peru in 2000. Since 1998 Jude has judged in Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Sweden, and Norway. She is involved in the development and teaching at both halter and fleece judging clinics and works with apprentices to develop their skills. She has also trained British Alpaca Society judges in the UK.

Currently, Jude is Chair of the AOA Judges Advisory Committee and a halter liaison to the AOA Show Rules Committee.

Alongside Cheryl Gehly, Mike Safley, and Amanda VandenBosch, Jude authored The Art and Science of Alpaca Judging, a comprehensive judge training text also used extensively by alpaca breeders worldwide. Jude has also conducted seminars and spoken in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, and Germany on topics including breeding, reproduction and alpaca husbandry, alpaca fiber, conformation, selection, genetics, and nutrition.

Amy Hall

Vice President, EILEEN FISHER®
Amy serves as Vice President, Social Consciousness for women’s clothing designer EILEEN FISHER®.  In this capacity, she guides the company toward greater alignment with its Benefit / B Corporation status and Quadruple Bottom Line framework.   Amy collaborates internally and externally to position the company at the leading edge of human, environmental and economic sustainability.  She has also played an instrumental role in shepherding the company’s ambitious Vision2020 goals

Amy came to EILEEN FISHER® in 1993, following a fundraising career with Asian-American cultural, educational and social service organizations in New York City.  Her educational background includes a B.A. from Georgetown University, an M.A. from Teachers College-Columbia University, and a sustainable MBA from Green Mountain College.  Amy currently chairs the advisory board of Social Accountability International and represents the company on the Development Council of Future Fit.  She is also a frequent guest speaker on CSR and Sustainability-related topics.

In 2011, Amy rode from New York City to Washington, DC, on her self-built bamboo bike as part of the Brita Climate Ride.  Amy also plays the bassoon in the Hudson Valley Symphonic Wind Ensemble.  Together with their two daughters, Amy and her husband Rob live in the Hudson Valley, where they enjoy adventures on land and water.

Wini Labrecque

Certified Fleece Judge

Certified Camelid Sorter/Grader/Classer

Wini Labrecque has been    involved in the  fiber industry since the late 1980s. With a focus on natural fibers, she has developed an extensive  background in  utilization and promotion of all types of fibers for practical and commercial use.  Wini is a weaver, hand spinner, felter, knitter, crocheter and dyer.

She is an AOA Certified Alpaca Fleece Judge, Certified Camelid Fiber Grader/Sorter/Classer through Olds College in Canada, Trained Grader/Sorter of cashmere fiber as well as trained in judging cashmere. Wini is working with a company to help develop better cashmere production, collection and marketing with nomad people of Kyrgyzstan. Working with IYAK (Int’l Yak Association) she has been instrumental in developing criteria and judging protocol for yak fiber both on and off the animal. Wini is a past founding partner in a company dedicated to utilization of all grades of alpaca fiber into woven fabric for home décor use.

A retired Veterinary Assistant, Wini and her husband John have raised alpacas, cashmere producing goats, angora goats, sheep and angora rabbits over the years. They currently have 5 alpacas including 1 suri that are utilized for fiber production. Wini’s background gives her the unique opportunity to share her knowledge with others to help enhance their own livestock programs.

Dr. Tim Holt 

Colorado State University,  Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Certified Veterinary Manual Therapist

Dr. Timothy Holt, associate professor of livestock medicine and surgery, received the 2013 CVMA Distinguished Service Award for significant contributions to veterinary medicine. Discouraged by academic counselors in his younger years for not “fitting the mold” of a veterinary student, Dr. Holt eventually received his DVM in 1988, emphasizing mixed animal medicine. 

Dr. Holt is certified in veterinary medical acupuncture and chiropractic care and has helped introduce alternative treatments for livestock. He is known for the breadth of his knowledge and expertise, which he has offered to a variety of audiences.

Dan Corley

Suri Network member, Dan Corley of Alta Vida Alpacas will be teaching a pre-symposium workshop on dyeing and a weaving workshop during the Symposium. 

Expert Panel

Our Halter 101 breakout session will be hosted by three member farms with years of show experience to share with you.  

1. Raynay Alpaca Farm LLC, Ray & Candy McMahan

2. Heritage Farm Suri Alpacas, Tim & Beth Sheets

3. Big Timber Alpacas LLC, Sue King.

Cheryl Gehly

Please see Cheryl's bio in our

Judges section.

Amanda VandenBosch

Please see Amanda's bio in our Judges section.

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