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01/13/2016 10:54 AM | Britt & Patty Hasselbring

Continuing to break ground as your Suri Breed Association!

The current Suri Breed Standard was adopted by the Suri Network membership in 2006. You can find this document along with some background information here.

This standard was written with input from any Suri breeder who wanted to contribute. The Suri Network realized from the beginning that for this process to be effective that an all-inclusive approach was crucial. There were at least three surveys that went out to all Suri breeders, members and non-members alike, regarding breed standards. There were open large group discussions at two Suri Network Symposiums in 2005 and 2006.
At the Suri Symposium in 2005 a rough draft was written with the participation of over 100 Suri breeders. At many of the regional AOBA Affiliate-type conferences, which were open to any Suri breeders, there were Suri Network representatives facilitating input by interested Suri breeders. There were therefore many opportunities for breeders to participate if they chose to do so. Every attempt was made to make this as open and as inclusive as possible. Recognizing the need to include the opinion of other stakeholders such as fiber processors, designers, other fiber industry experts, veterinarians and judges, there were opportunities for their input as well.
At the same time the standard was adopted, the Suri Network membership also agreed that a review of the breed standard should take place every few years.  This review would determine if any changes should be suggested to the membership. 

It’s now been almost 10 years since the Breed Standard was implemented.  Many trait improvements in the Suri breed have been made in this period of time and the Suri Network Board believes that a formal review of the standard is warranted. 

A core committee has been formed consisting of the following stakeholders:

  • Tim Sheets – SHIP Committee Chair, Suri breeder & past Suri Network President
  • Linda Kondris – SHIP Program Director, Suri breeder & past Suri Network President
  • Randy Coleman – SN Board Member & Suri breeder
  • Gail Campbell, DVM – SHIP Classifier Trainer & Suri breeder
  • Karl Heinrich – Fiber processor, fashion manufacturer & Suri Breeder
  • Cheryl Gehly – SHIP Classifier, Senior AOA Judge
  • Amanda Vandenbosch – Senior AOA Judge & Suri breeder

The core committee will organize early this and will create a plan for the Breed Standard review.  Then, 4-6 additional Suri Network members will be invited to join the committee.  Ideally, the additional members will represent different regions of the country. The entire committee will then begin the review process and solicit input from the Suri Network membership and fiber/textile experts.  Input will be welcomed at various Suri Network rallies to be held at the spring alpaca shows.
Once a review has taking place and input gathered from the SN membership, a new draft breed standard will be presented to the membership for approval.  It is planned that the new Suri Network Breed Standard will appear for adoption on the same ballot as the election of new BOT officers in the summer of 2016.

We are excited about this undertaking, and look forward to input from Suri members as we continue to break ground for Suri breeders everywhere!


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