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Suri fiber can be used in weaving, knitting, crocheting, felting, and spinning to add wonderful features to your textile products.  However, Suri is a specialty fiber which means its unique properties should be kept in mind when choosing to work with this lovely fiber.  Here are a few tips to ensure the best possible experience with Suri alpaca:

General Tips:

  • Suri provides drape!  If you have a product that requires drape, Suri is your fiber.  With a long staple length and no crimp, Suri fabric will flow with movement and provide you with an elegant garment or home d├ęcor product.  On the other hand, if you are envisioning a form-fitting or stretchy fabric, move to another fiber.  Even in blended form, Suri will create drape!
  •  Suri can be used as a 100% Suri yarn, or as a blend.  As relates to our comment about drape, if you are using Suri in its purest form, the best suited products will be items such as scarves, shawls, table runners, rugs or draperies.  
  • Using an open stitch when knitting with Suri or Suri blends reduces the chance of your product “growing”.
  • Using a diagonal pattern will also reduce the chance of your product “growing”.

This is where Suri best demonstrates its outstanding qualities.

  • Studies have shown that Suri fiber has one of the highest tensile strengths of any animal fiber and is capable of serving as both warp and weft.
  • Weaving with Suri is an excellent way to show off its luster and cool hand.


  • Needle felting with Suri locks can create interesting and beautiful textures.
  • Wet felting is possible but requires more diligence with agitation due to the scaled structure of the fiber. The results are stunning.

Spinning: As a straight fiber without crimp, Suri produces a yarn with beautiful luster  and cool hand.

  • Spinning worsted or semi-worsted allows its luster and cool hand to shine through
  • Suri blends well with other fibers
  • Spinning woolen produces a less lofty or bulky yarn
  • For more information on Spinning Suri...

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