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You have come to the place learn more about Suris, Suri fiber, and Suri products. The North American Suri Alpaca Industry began over 30 years ago with the first importation of Suri alpacas from South America.
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Today, people are raising Suri alpacas all over the United States and Canada and are utilizing the exquisite fiber that Suris produce. No wonder Suris are called "The Rarest of Breeds...the Ultimate Natural Fiber."

We invite you to explore this site and discover the wonderful world of Suri Alpacas. Be sure to check out the Find a Farm feature where you can discover a Suri alpaca farm/ranch close to you. You can also view the Suri Marketplace where members have listed Suris and Herdsire services for sale.

Finally, shop in our Member Store where you can find an array of alpaca fashions including socks, mittens and scarves. You can also satisfy your creative side by finding all sorts of yarns and rovings for knitting and spinning.

A Little About the Suri Industy
  • The Suri alpaca is the only alpaca in North America to have an association written and approved breed standard.
  • The Suri Network and Suri breeders are committed to the advancement of Suri genetics and to the advancement of economic value of Suris.
  • Suri breeders understand the importance of continued education and research for the long term growth of the Suri alpaca.
  • The Suri Network's board is focused on industry aspects which will benefit all breeders of Suri alpacas.
  • North America has the opportunity and potential to be the global leader in Suri alpacas.  Read more...
Discover Suri Alpacas

Visitors and guests are encouraged to Request More Information by completing our guest page. Find a Suri farm to visit and learn more about this wonderful livestock, or a Suri Network member in your area who has Suri products for sale.

PurelySuri Magazine

  PurelySuri is the Suri Network's breed association magazine. Published annually and supported by member advertising, the magazine has articles of interest for both seasoned Suri owners and newcomers alike.

View the Current Issue online by clicking the cover. You can also purchase Back Issues and purchase Advertising for the next issue.

Also, you may want to take advantage of our "Get the Word Out" program. Suri Network members can have up to ten issues mailed to business of their choosing.

Suri Herd Improvement Program

The SURI NETWORK has been devoted to the “Preservation of the Suri Phenotype – Fiber and Alpaca” since its inception, benefitting its membership and Suri owners worldwide. These programs include a Breed Standard, Herd Classification and EPDs and are encompassed in SHIP - the Suri Herd Improvement Program.

Featured Products

Check out these great products from the Suri Network Store.  The DVD makes a great gift for a client and the hoodies with the SN logo will help keep you warm on the trips to the barn this winter. Click "Add to Bag" of either one for more information.


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